Tracy White is a Reiki Master / Teacher and the creator of her own modality that called Body Balance Activation (or BBA for short). She is a Sound Therapy practitioner and offers sessions in Reiki, Body Balance Activation & Sound Therapy.
Tracy is also an international artist specializing in animal pieces with coloured pencils. She is available for pet portrait commissions on request. Please see the artist tab above.

About Reiki, BBA & Sound Therapy:

Reiki is a channeled energy healing modality aiming at bringing the person back into balance and harmony. This is achieved by assessing and clearing the clients energy bodies of any stagnant or blocked energy. A series of gently hand positions are used to recharge and refill their bodies with the result being a feeling of wellness, peace and lightness. Click here for more.

BBA is a unique modality using intention, sound, light and love to create change for our client. During the session we create and facilitate a strong connection between our client and their own energy stream. All downloads are their own, coming forth on their own data stream. We spend the time working through all 5 levels of being with a particular intention in mind. Our intention is to work according to the body’s innate wisdom. Click here for more.

During a Sound session, I work with the Solar Harmonic and Solfeggio sets of tuning forks,. I use weighted and unweighted tuning forks for body work and to work in the energy fields. I also work with Tibetan Healing Bowls. The sessions become individual to the client’s needs. Most often, my clients choose Recovery work option. Recovery work consists of one session a day for 4 or 5 days. This is hugely helpful after surgery or to help heal from a virus or illness, or recovery after an emotional or mental trauma, and it is very effective for relieving stress. Click here for more.

My recommendations:

I have been working in the healing field since 2001, and have helped many people over the years. I have seen the most amazing transformations in my clients over the years, especially when going through the recovery healing process.

For normal people, processing everyday life, I recommend that you commit to at least 4 to 5 sessions initially over a month to 6 week period to create a longer lasting outcome. Thereafter 1 session every month or so should be enough to help you process life events.

Remember, you are experiencing life and new events every day, and all of these new events will have some impact on the work we have done. Energy healing is an on going process. Amping up session work can be helpful during times of crisis.

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