This article is a little crash course in understanding your energy anatomy.

Every person has an energy anatomy, just like you have a physical anatomy. I am sure you have heard of an aura and chakras?

Your aura is your energy field. It is your own personal space. It stretches a full arms length all the way around you, above and below you. Did you know you store energy charges relating to your life experiences in your energy field?

Aura / Human Energy Field

Your chakras are your energy centres which interface with your energy field. Information in the form of energy frequencies are stepped up into your field or stepped down into your body. These energy centres are much like transformers.

Did you know that each energy centre has rights? Did you know that there are certain experiences that can drain the energy from these centres? Did you know that there are certain addiction that can arise as a result of damage?

 Chakras / Energy Centres
Here is a little list of the chakra system and its rights, identities, demons, addictions, issues, balanced characteristics, developmental tasks and physical malfunctions. Please, don’t just read this with the intention of working out where your imbalances are. Also look at how much you are getting right! And – an imbalance may show up in one area of your life where you are having trouble – or have wounds. You may function perfectly well in other areas. Energy is continually flowing and moving.
1.  Base Chakra:  Tuning fork equivalent – C 256Hz
Rights  – To be here and to have  |  Identity – Physical / Self preservation | Demon – Fear | Addictions – Food / Gambling / Shopping / Work.
Issues: Roots; grounding; nourishment; trust; health; home; family; prosperity; appropriate boundaries.
Balanced Characteristics: Good health, the will to live, vitality, self acceptance, well grounded, comfortable in body, confidence, sense of trust in the world, feeling of safety and security, ability to relax and be still, stability, strength, prosperity, aggression.
Developmental Tasks: Physical growth, motor skills, object permanence.
Physical Malfunctions: Disorders of the bowel, anus, large intestine, disorders of the solid parts of the body: bones, teeth, issues with legs, feet, knees, base of spine, buttocks, hips, eating disorders, frequent illness, adrenal glands, kidneys, whole nervous system.
2.  Sacral Chakra:  Tuning fork equivalent – D 288Hz
Rights  – To feel and to desire |  Identity – Emotional  / Self gratification | Demon – Guilt | Addictions – Alcohol / Sex / Heroin.
Issues: Movement; sensation; emotions; personal creativity; sexuality; desire; need; social behaviour patterns; pleasure.
Balanced Characteristics: Graceful movement; emotional intelligence; ability to experience pleasure; ability to nurture self and others; ability to change; healthy boundaries.
Developmental Tasks: Develop the senses; exploration of the world; movement.
Physical Malfunctions: Disorders of the reproductive organs, spleen, urinary systems; menstrual difficulties; sexual dysfunction including impotence, premature ejaculation and frigidity; lower back pain; knee trouble; lack of flexibility; deadened senses; loss of appetite for food, sex and life; bowel and bladder problems; AIDS.
3.  Solar Plexus Chakra:  Tuning fork equivalent – E 320Hz
Rights  – To act and be free |  Identity – Ego / Self definition | Demon – Shame | Addictions – Amphetamines / Cocaine / Caffeine / Work / Anger.
Issues: Energy; activity; autonomy; individuation; will; self esteem; pro-activity; power; relationship to environment; draw in energy; expels stress; gut feelings.
Balanced Characteristics: Responsible, reliable; balanced; effective will; good self esteem, balanced ego; warm personality, confidence; spontaneous, good sense of humor; appropriate self discipline, good sense of personal power; able to meet challenges.
Developmental Tasks: Realization of separateness, establishment of autonomy.
Physical Malfunctions: Eating disorders; digestive disorders; ulcers; hypoglycemia; diabetes; muscle spasms; muscular disorders; chronic fatigue; disorders of stomach, pancreas, gall bladder, liver; skin disorders; constipation; diarrhea; migraines; long-term- cancer of above organs, arthritis, heart disease.
4.  Heart Chakra:  Tuning fork equivalent – F 341.3Hz
Rights  – To love and be loved |  Identity – Social / Self acceptance | Demon – Grief | Addictions – Tobacco (Smoking) / Sugar / Love / Marijuana.
Issues: Love; balance; self love; relationships; intimacy; devotion; holistic thinking; unconditional love;  humility; responsibility;  empathy; compassion.
Balanced Characteristics: Compassionate; loving; empathetic; self loving; altruistic; peaceful; balanced; good immune system.
Developmental Tasks: Forming peer and family relationships; developing personality.
Physical Malfunctions: Disorders of the heart, lungs, thymus, breast, arms; shortness of breath;  sunken chest; circulation problems; asthma; immune system deficiency (AIDS, lupus etc.); tension between the shoulders blades; pain in chest; heart attacks; blood pressure.
5.  Throat Chakra:  Tuning fork equivalent – G 384Hz
Rights  – To speak and hear truth |  Identity – Creative / Self expression | Demon – Lies | Addictions – Opiates  /  Marijuana.
Issues: Communication; creativity; listening; resonance; finding ones own voice.
Balanced Characteristics: Resonant voice; good listener; good sense of timing and rhythm; clear communication; lives creatively.
Developmental Tasks: Creative expression; communication skills; symbolic thinking.
Physical Malfunctions: Disorders of the throat, ears, voice, neck; tightness of the jaw; lower jaw; toxicity; thyroid gland problems; diseases of the throat and lungs.
6.  Brow Chakra:  Tuning fork equivalent – A 426.7Hz
Rights  – To see |  Identity – Archetypal / Self reflection | Demon – Illusion | Addictions – Hallucinogens / Marijuana.
Issues: Image; intuition; imagination, visualization; insight, dreams; vision; planning; purpose.
Balanced Characteristics: Intuitive; perceptive; imaginative; good memory; good dream recall; ability to think symbolically; ability to visualize.
Developmental Tasks: Establishment of personal identity; ability to perceive patterns.
Physical Malfunctions: Headaches, poor vision / hearing; hormonal imbalances; sinusitis; dizziness; depression.
7. Crown Chakra: Tuning fork equivalent – B 480Hz
Rights  – To Know |  Identity – Universal / Self knowledge | Demon – Attachment | Addictions – Religion / Spiritual practices.
Issues: Transcendence; immanence; belief systems; higher power; divinity; union; vision; time issues.
Balanced Characteristics: Ability to perceive, analyze, and assimilate information; intelligent, thoughtful, aware; open minded, able to question; spiritually connected; wisdom and mastery, broad understanding.
Developmental Tasks: Assimilation of knowledge; development of wisdom.
Physical Malfunctions: Coma; migraines; brain tumors; amnesia; cognitive delusions; serious psychotic disorders.
Please note: This list is not intended to be used as a diagnostic tool for anything that is physically wrong with you right now. Please consult a licensed medical practitioner for proper diagnosis.
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