Energy healing – Luxury or necessity?

Energy healing – Luxury or necessity?

A couple of days ago, I was asked if energy healing was a luxury or a necessity. At the time I gave a very simplistic answer, and clearly it was an incomplete answer because the question is still on my mind. So I will attempt to complete the answer now.

We see hygene as a necessity. We wash our bodies, and clean our teeth – twice a day, and we clean our homes daily. We understand that germs and viruses can breed in a dirty environment and we don’t want to get sick. And yet some people don’t feel that it is important to clean their energy. By energy, I am referring to thoughts and emotions that we carry around every day, and add to constantly. And so their internal rooms look like the worst picture of a hoarder’s house that you can possibly imagine. There is junk everywhere, piles and piles of old beliefs that don’t work, like broken old appliances that they don’t know what to do with anymore. There is a coating over everything, consisting of accumulated thoughts that they have no use for, other peoples advice, and wasted words that mean nothing to them, like ten-inch thick dust. And old till slips from past experiences that they need to keep to remember how much they paid for doing something or being someone, and IOU’s for the favours that they did, supposedly not expecting anything in return. There are boxes of memorabilia relating back to the time when they were the victim of someone’s unkindness – that has huge sentimental value. And those boxes are stacked so high that the eye cannot see the top of the pile. There are bags and bags of tangled string, chords and wires, most of them frayed with age and abuse, all of them connecting them to people and events that have had an impact on their lives – however big or small. And the more they accumilate, the smaller the room feels to them, and eventually they can’t breath, have a panic attack and discover that they have high blood pressure and depression. They haven’t tended to their energetic health, and the viruses of negative thoughts and the bacteria of gossip infect their lives. They feel stressed. They take pills for their high blood pressure and their depression and anxiety, but their internal rooms are still cluttered. By now they have added boxes of fear for their health and safety into a space that has no more room. They build extensions to their internal space by taking up a hobby, or an addiction. This is an unused space and feels freeing and wonderful. But soon they fill up that space too and infect it with the viruses and bacteria of negativity that they carry with them. The hobby becomes a burden and they close the door on that. The addiction, however, develops a life of its own, sucking whatever energy they have left, until everyday is closer and closer to the last. There is no more enjoyment in life, only long, long stress-filled days.

Just because you can’t see your thoughts and emotions, doesn’t mean that they are not there and does not make it any less important to attend to their health. The health of the pyhsical body depends on the thoughts and emotions that you carry. Your productivity and ability to handle stress depends on the fitness levels and hygene of your thoughts and emotions. Your abiliy to experience joy and passion and enthusiasm depends on your connection to your spirit – that part of you that connects you to feeling alive.

There are thousands of energy therapists out there all doing amazing work to help you experience the most amazing and joyful life you can possibly experience. Cleaning up your energy is an absolute necessity. Contact any one of us today, and start cleaning up. You will not believe the difference.

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