Recovery Healing Testimonials

Recovery Healing Testimonials

“Before I started the sound healing I was suffering from the trauma of the loss of my dad, anxiety resulting in my chest always being tight, allergies to the extent that I was almost dependent on Allegex to get through the days especially in the last two weeks prior to me starting the sound healing, easily irritated and emotional eating just to fill a void within me, which resulted in me gaining a lot of weight and not being able to sleep through the night. I became like a robot, wake in morning, go to work, come home, eat and sleep. Everyday was the same, I had lost my zest for life.
After the first session I immediately noticed my chest was not tight anymore, I felt calmer, I felt at peace. I was in a better place.For me it was an excellent start because the feeling of not being anxious was gone. I slept through the night for the first time in many many months. Each session helped heal and deal with the emotional distress I was going through. After session three, I was asked how I feel about the loss of my dad, and I remember saying I don’t miss him anymore, it wasn’t that I don’t miss him it was the grief and trauma I experienced when he passed on has finally disappeared, I didn’t feel any emotional distress when thinking about his passing on. For the first time since he passed on after two years, I could think of him and not feel anxious, or emotional, I was calm and the sound healing helped me achieve that, basically accept and come to terms with the loss. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders which  I was carrying around for so many years. It was a feeling of lightness, a good feeling.
Healing was also done on my allergies, and when reading through the book on the cause with you, again it was emotional distress, its been 3 weeks now and I haven’t had any allergy problems since the sound healing, I have not taken an Allergex in 3 weeks, this is amazing, and I am so incredibly happy about this.
 What I absolutely love about the sound healing was that when a particular problem was being healed the healing was instant.
I gotten rid of all the toxic people I had in my life, and to identify them has been easier, be it friends or family members.
I have started exercising again and eating a healthier diet and not overloading my body with food, so I have lost a bit of weight, something which I could never get myself to do, so I am very happy about that.
The best for me right now is that the relationship with my immediate family members (mum, brother, sister in law) has changed for the better and its because I have changed within, I found that I am more patient with them, and my brother and I reconnected after so long, we sit at the dinner table together and eat supper, and when he talks I just listen to what he says about his day at work, I don’t say anything, I just listen and only when he asks me my opinion I speak, I hadn’t been able to do this before, when he needed to talk I used to brush him off and sat in the lounge ate my dinner and went to bed, so its been a dramatic change.
The sound healing definitely changed my life around for the better, its improved so many avenues and relationships, I am in control of my life.
I was disconnected from spirit and this has helped  me reconnect. Prayer is now felt from within and not just words.
 Tracy I must thank you for this wonderful sound healing sessions, which have given me my life back, I am in a good space right now, and I pray that many many people will do these sound healing sessions with you.
 For me personally the sound healing is a gift from God and its the best gift an individual can give to themselves.
I will continue to give you feedback on how I am doing. Feel free to use this email as a testimonial.
Lots of love


“At the time that I received sound healing sessions with Tracy, I was very traumatized.  Our Daughter, Cath died from cancer in May, and at the beginning of September, I had a major abdominal operation to remove a very large cancerous tumour from my small intestine.  It seems that the shock and grief of her suffering and death suppressed my immune  system so much that I couldn’t fight the cancerous cells that we all have within us.  As you can imagine, it was a  very difficult time, not just for me, but  for our whole family.

These treatments certainly helped me to get in touch with my own inner peace and joy again, and helped me in dealing with my grief, and in finding acceptance for her death and for my cancer.  Feelings are very subjective and difficult to quantify, but certainly I felt lighter in my being and more positive about life again.  My strength, positivity and acceptance has in turn helped my family to deal with their grief and anxiety.

I certainly recovered from this operation very quickly and very well – my energy levels were good, I was up and about very soon after the procedure, I coped well with the pain and the cut has healed remarkably well.  I know that the sound healing sessions were a major contributor to my recovery.  I am particularly grateful for this, for although the surgeon felt he had removed all the cancer, he wanted me to have four chemotherapy treatments as a preventative.  It was a lymphoma, and he wanted to be sure that any cancer cells that might have slipped into the lymph system were dealt with. The chemo started four weeks after the operation, and although my intestine hadn’t had time to heal completely, I  have coped with the first two chemotherapy treatments without too much hassle. Other than hair loss and an occasional upset tummy , I haven’t  had any other side effects.  I have just started working part-time again and also resumed my yoga classes.

I really enjoyed the great beauty of this form of healing and this has reinforced my understanding that there is a reason for everything that happens, and that  we can grow on all levels of our being even from the most awful of  tragedies.”

Allison Slater  


From Petra Nicol – Facebook post

“I’m 100% now, but I need to share….
For the SECOND time this year, about 6 weeks ago, I had to have abdominal surgery. 
The first time left me with a down time of just over 8 weeks. Then, after that, I developed insiscional hernias. So it was surgery time again….

This time, post-surgery, even before my drain was removed, I began consecutive Sound Healing sessions with Tracy from The Energy Centre.

My recovery was remarkable… down time was greatly reduced & my Surgeon was delighted with the rapid Healing of my 30cm wound!

That aside, in this busy world, to be able to “just be” for the duration of the session, enjoying the gentle “waves” moving through my body, gave a feeling of peace, calm & Healing.

Thank you Tracy, for the Honour of having you facilitate this amazing Healing modality on me. Without a doubt, my body’s Healing was greatly assisted & sped up.

The affect appeared to be cumulative, leading to an increasing feeling of well-being, clarity & calm after each session.

I would recommend Tracy’s Sound Therapy Sessions without hesitation – anyone recovering from surgery, trauma, emotional blocks, anyone needing to “jiggle” their body’s cells into Healing mode….

Do yourself a favour, give Tracy White a call to see how she can assist you 082 668 4163″


Sharyn McNeil – Facebook post

Sound Healing Update Day 5 : Remarkable, Amazing, Incredible. In 5 days I have moved from acute bronchitis, wheezing, coughing feeling exhausted to feeling energized, clear lungs, a bit of a residual cough left but I believe completely mended!!

SOUND HEALING is an amazing modality for all illness needing recovery , thank you Tracy for this WONDERFUL experiment to see how quickly a virus can be shifted through the power of sound! We thought I may need 7 sessions but 5 have done the trick , I have turned the corner!
Do contact Tracy – and take yourself off for the most wonderful healing modality and of course the BONUS ripple effect from my healing sessions is I am sleeping like a baby , through the night deeply and peacefully, waking up feeling so refreshed!

Please support Tracy White , her work, remarkable! +27 (0)31 7674926  +27 (0)82 668 4163

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