Vibrosonic Tuning Forks

Vibrosonic Tuning Forks

Sound healing is becoming extremely popular. There hasn’t been any formal training in Sound Healing using Tuning Forks that I have been able to find in KZN. So after working with the forks and loads of reading and discoveries, and training in the UK, I am ready to teach this modality to you.

Also, importing forks is very expensive and we are in the position to be able to manufacture here, in KZN. Our forks are machined by a cnc factory and are made from high quality aluminum. Every fork is individually checked and tuned to make sure you get the most effective healing tools.  Forks take 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture at this stage. We are hoping to speed up that time frame in the near future. They come in a velvet pouch with a rubber puck.

We have started by making a set which is tuned to the western music scale which is known as the Harmonic spectrum. Our sets have 9 forks in the set instead of the usual 8 forks as we have included a second C256Hz fork, which we use for grounding and centering work.

The frequencies in our set are as follows:

C 256 Hz x 2 forks (for centering and grounding)
D 288 Hz
E 320 Hz
F 341.3 Hz
G 384 Hz
A 426.7 Hz
B 480 Hz

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These frequencies can be used in many ways to affect healing and balance in the body. A lot of people ask about balancing the Chakras. (A Sanskrit name for the energy centres which interface between our energy field and our body.) Our forks certainly can be used for this purpose:

Base / Root – C 256 Hz
Sacral – D 288 Hz
Solar Plexus – E 320 Hz
Heart – F 341.3 Hz
Throat – G 384 Hz
Brow – A 426.7 Hz
Crown – B 480 Hz

To find out more and to order your own set, please contact me.. go to the contact me page.

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