Sound Healing Course Info

Sound Healing Course Info

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Courses are divided into one day classes, (with a connect time either in person or skype later), with some theory and lots of practical work. Our intention is to provide the students time to bond with their forks and to develop confidence in each of the techniques and then time to use the techniques in their practice before moving on to the next phase.

We begin by getting to know the forks by spending time with each of them, sounding them each individually and making notes of how we feel whilst listening to their tones. Then the student learns how to find energetic charges that maybe trapped in the clients energy field, and how to clear them. Many of the pivotal moments in our lives change or amplify the sound of the tuning forks. Next we look at how we can use the forks to clear and balance the Chakras. Finally we look at how we can use the forks on ourselves for self healing.

Next Workshop dates:
TBA – Level 1 –  9am to 4pm at The Energy Centre in Hillcrest KZN.

The first class is one day and a connect time either in person or skype later on, R2000.00, and includes refreshments of tea / coffee and a manual. The second class is also one day and a connect time either in person or skype later on, and is R2200.00 and includes a manual and 4 x A3 charts. We use the same set of forks. We request a bring and share for our lunch on the day.

Tuning forks are not included in the class fee and are available from in USA. (When ordering from USA, don’t forget to cost in postage and import duty which you will most likely be charged on arrival.) Please contact me for prices of our set. (Prices fluctuate slightly depending on metal prices.)

If you live out of town but would like to arrange a group for me to come and teach, I would be glad to come to you. Contact me to make arrangements.

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