The solfeggio set of tuning forks is made up of the following frequencies:

174 Hz
285 Hz
UT – 396 Hz
RE – 417 Hz
MI – 528 Hz
FA – 639 Hz
SOL – 741 Hz 
LA- 852 Hz
SI – 963 Hz

When I first experienced these frequencies, I felt them as circular. So I began to work with them in circles. They are very different to the Harmonic spectrum set, which feel more linear to me. Wrapping the Tones of the Solfeggio set of forks feels absolutely natural to me.
Your energy field and energy centres contain all your experiences in a vibrational state. When we wrap sound through your energy field, we are disturbing these energy charges causing them to release their hold on you and so changing their state and location in your field.
Because your energy centres access vibrational information from your field, the wrap also changes the state and behaviour of your chakras. This carries through to the physical body and things begin to change.
Just to be clear, we do not delete your memories. We do, however, release pockets of energetic charge relating to events you will have had strong emotional attachments to.

We use a specific grouping of the Solfeggio set to achieve this change. We use each fork to create a wave like pattern in three phases in groups of 3 or 5. We have a small silence when we change forks or begin a new phase. Because it is sometimes stressful to embrace change, especially if you don’t understand what it means for you, we use very specific combinations of forks to achieve something magical. This is our intention process with each fork.

Our first phase or combination begins with ensuring that the body feels safe and secure. Our first fork acts as a natural anaesthetic, reducing pain and relaxing the body. it helps the body to feel safe and loved.
Our second fork helps to clear traumatic experiences and destructive influences from the past, and create a path towards change. It also helps you to feel energized enough to allow change into your life.
Our third fork in this first phase helps the body and mind to detox. It helps to cleanse the body from electromagnetic radiation and other physical / dietary toxins. It also clears toxic thoughts keeping you from solving problems. This fork promotes healthy life expression resulting is a pure and stable life.
Our second phase begins with a fork that influences your energy fields, restructuring and healing damaged organs, leaving your body feeling rejuvenated and energized.
Our next fork is said to repair DNA. While that has not been scientifically proven, it has been proven that this fork influences the fluid in the physical body, changing it into the perfect form to cross through the cell walls nourishing the cells of the body. This frequency creates clarity of mind and activates awareness and states of bliss and deep inner peace.
Our third fork in this phase awakens your intuition heightening your ability to see through the illusions of your life, be it peoples agendas or specific events, creating a strong connection with a higher spiritual order.
Our third and final phase in our wrapping process begins with the Joy fork. This is a frequency that cleanses feelings of guilt and fear, releases stored energy in the kidneys and the adrenal glands, creating a feeling of deep joy.
Our next fork creates harmonious communication between people and the cells of the body. It helps to heal relationship problems by encouraging communication, understanding, tolerance and love.
The last fork in this phase is the highest tone in the set. It awakens the whole system back into its perfect state – a return to Oneness.
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